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Купить онлайн: The Sims 4: Growing Together DLC (PC/MAC)

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Чтобы активировать/загрузить игру, на Вашем компьютере должен быть установлен Origin.

1. Откройте Origin и введите адрес электронной почты и пароль для своей учётной записи EA. Если у Вас нет учётной записи EA, нажмите «Create an Account», чтобы создать учётную запись.
2. В левой части страницы выберите «Game Library», нажмите ссылку «Add a Game» в правой верхней части страницы и выберите «Redeem Product Code».
3. Введите код, который мы Вам отправили, и нажмите «Next».
4. Выберите язык, который Вы хотите использовать для активации продукта, и нажмите «Submit and Continue». Вы можете увидеть игру в разделе «My Games»
5. Чтобы загрузить игру, нажмите «Ready to Download».
6. Как только игра будет скачана и установлена, нажмите «Ready to Play» и наслаждайтесь новой игрой!

Активируйте код продукта в приложении EA:
Запустите приложение ЕА. Войдите в свою учетную запись EA. Откройте мою коллекцию. Выберите Активировать код

ОСWindows XP / Mac OS X 10.9
Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.0 GHz Dual Core required if using integrated graphics)
RAM(Оперативная память)
2 GB
Жесткий диск(Свободное место)
10 GB
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300 or Intel GMA X4500

Try an automatic system requirements detection tool from the link below:


*** Steps 1-3 are for first time users***

1) Press the button "Can you run it"
2) Your internet browser downloads a program called "Detection"
3) Run "Detection"
4) Check the results if your computer can run your desired game or not.

Official Origin activation code for redeeming The Sims 4: Growing Together DLC on your Origin account.

The original game The Sims 4 (not included in this offer) is required to use, respectively, play the contents of the Growing Together DLC.

The ways your Sims relate to those around them — from family members to Sims they've just met — are evolving. Both planned events like sleepovers and unexpected milestones like having a midlife crisis will shape your Sims and their relationships.

A LASTING IMPACT: Key choices and milestones will help to shape who your Sims are. Unlock and change personality traits throughout your Sims' lives as they cope with midlife crises, respond to family requests to move in, and more. Self-discovery is a lifelong journey.

SOCIAL DYNAMICS: Sometimes Sims just click. Your Sim might have natural social chemistry with a Sim they meet at a party – or they might naturally clash. Your Sim will now have preferences that determine which Sims they are socially compatible with, and which Sims are more likely to become their enemies.

FAMILY TIES: The bonds between your related Sims are important and complex. As they experience life together there will be opportunities for both drama and unity that will affect family dynamics and Sims' relationships with their family members.

PERFECT FOR FAMILIES: Located along an ocean bay, San Sequoia was once a small fishing village and has grown into a bustling town. It features quiet suburbs, a lively rec center, a tight-knit community, and even an influential local family – the Robleses.

How will I receive my game?

A digital code will be sent to your email address which you will then be able to redeem in Origin. Then you can just download, install and enjoy your new game! You can find more specific instructions under Code Activation Guide.

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